A New Star - A/T tyre of Greentrac

Mar 24,2022

As a premium brand, Greentrac has offered trendy R/T series with excellent customer feedback.  Now, a new star - A/T tyre will make its debut very soon. With 2 years dedicated efforts by KETER engineering team, this new A/T series is definitely a Work of Art tailored for your market.


For SUV, Pickup trucks and on/off road vehicles

Rim size in inches  15- 22


Its advantage features:

Unique and cool tread pattern design  and tough-looking on sidewall;

Aggressive tread increases wet traction and braking on slippery roads

Substantial road noise reduction

SUV Compound and block structure has excellent on/off-road tread wear, cut and chip resistance

Rough Master-XT.jpg

Greentrac aims to provide a complete and professional range in all weather and road conditions, with this in mind, we are excited to bring the BRAND NEW range -- Season Master-Van


Season Master-Van is designed for all weather use, especially for European and north American market.

It is ideal for drivers in urban centres, and areas that see mild winter conditions: mild temperatures and light, occasional snow.


Most advanced technical points of Greentrac Season Master Van tyres:


Engineered in Germany

Big groove & 3D steel sheet design

M+S & Snowflake and Mountain Peak (3MPSF)

Special silicon formula



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